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Why should I sodablast and/or Mediablast my restoration project?

Up to 80% of all coatings failures can be directly attributed to inadequate surface preparation, which affects coating adhesion. This can also sometimes be caused by reactions from painting over old paint.

How long does it take to get my project back?

We are usually able to turn a project around in 2-3 days sometimes faster depending on scheduling.

Should I remove the front and rear windshields from the car?

The glass does not need to be removed but we strongly suggest it as more often than not there is hidden rust or even rot in the channel under the glass even on the cleanest of cars that we've blasted.

Do all the trim and molding pieces have to be removed?

No, they do not have to be removed but we are able to do a more thorough job with everything removed therefore, we do prefer it.

Do the hood, trunk, and doors have to come off of the body shell for blasting?

We would prefer that they are removed as we can do a more thorough job of blasting your project. This is especially true if mounted on a rotisserie for blasting.

Does Soda blasting leave residue?

After Soda blasting we brush blast the items with a different media to remove residue but like after any type of blasting the parts should be properly cleaned and prepped in accordance with the coatings manufacturers.

Does soda blasting remove rust?

Soda blasting will not remove rust. We go over parts a second time with a different media to remove remaining rust.

Is it true paint companies will not warranty cars if soda blasted?

We have not found any written information at all proving this.

Can you blast the frame or underside of car?

Yes, we do have a rotisserie that we can mount car and truck bodies on.

Does my car need to go to Blast Off or can you come to me?

The majority of the time, items come to Blast Off. We do have a mobile unit that performs on-site blasting for jobs like graffiti removal and boat bottom blasting.

How can I get my car frame to the Blast Off shop?

There are a several options. We have received car frames already on a rotisserie. We have also had car frames transported in a Uhaul truck. We have also had customers create a trailer made for the transport of the car frame. When you call to setup an appointment time for drop-off, you can ask us how to make a trailer if that is the option you choose.

Why not just "scuff" the paint and repaint?

It is best to remove all coatings to start with a good base or primer to ensure proper adhesion. The paint underneath could fail later causing the new paint to fail as well.

Can fiberglass bodied cars or boats be sodablasted?

YES, Fiberglass cars and Boats can be sodablasted. It is in fact the safest blast media to use. It will remove all coatings without removing the gelcoat and gives a more uniform finish in a shorter amount of time. SodaBlasting opens up and cleans out blisters.

How big is the blast room?

We have increased the size of our blast room to 16' wide x 14' Tall x 28' long

How can I bring my car shell in?

Carts can be purchased but we suggest making a wooden cart to set the body on, usually made from 4"x4" wood with casters. This makes it easier to wheel off the trailer and around our shop and it's cheap!

Can you remove undercoating?

Yes, we can safely remove pretty much any coating even powder coating.

If you have any further questions please contact us.


August 2012

Rust Warning!

With the high temperatures in our area, we are at a high risk of red oxides (rust) forming on our iron-based items. With the smoldering temperatures and high humidity, these items are at a high risk of oxidizing and rusting VERY quickly! We can help you by stripping the current coating and red oxides off the item and recoating it with one of our products. Call us before it is unrepairable!

July 2012

Challenge Us!

The weather seems to have stabilized in the 80's and staying humid! We are always looking for new customers and new projects to tackle! We are asking our customers and friends out there to challenge us by trying to stump us with new projects! Do you have an item that you need the coating removed? Can you stump us? Call us to find out!