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Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is the process of propelling Sodium Bicarbonate(Baking Soda) from a blast machine using the power of compressed air. This method has an almost infinite amount of uses. Baking Soda can be used to strip paint and coatings from metals, fiberglass, glass, brick, stone, tile, and other delicate surfaces all without damaging the surface. It is also great for removing grafitti from delicate surfaces like brick, stone, concrete, etc... One of the biggest uses is for Automotive restoration. It is used to strip layers of paint, primer, undercoating, and sealers while not damging or warping the metal. The baking soda breaks apart on impact which prevents any heat buildup that can cause warping. The soda is so delicate it will not remove rust but once all the coatings are removed from the surface we brush blast the parts with a different media to remove residue and remaining rust. After blasting hundreds of cars we have found this 2 part process to be the best method to safely, effectively clean the parts. See our gallery for examples.

Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting is the process of propelling blast media particles from a blasting machine using the power of compressed air. Sand blasting is a geneic term that was used when Silica Sand was used to blast with, Silica sand is very dangerous and should not be used unless by a proffesional with the proper respirators and filtration equipment. We at Blast Off Inc. do not use Silica sand but there are many alternative blast medias that we do use that actually work better and are safer. We always have at least a dozen different blast medias on hand at all times to use the correct media for the correct application. We are not like the "big" blasters that just use the same blast medias that they use on bridges and heavy steel which cause the warping/damaging problems that are so common. We do also have the capabilities of blasting the heavy stuff too!

Media Blasting

Media blasting is the process of propelling blast media particles from a blasting machine using the power of compressed air. This is a commonly mis-used term. It is most often used to describe blasting with plastic media, baking soda, or something similar. Media blasting actually refers to any type of blast media used. Blast Off Inc. has about a dozen different blast medias on hand at all times. Blasting delicate parts such as automotive body parts is not an easy task but after 4 1/2 years and hundreds of projects we have it down to a science. We are able to determine the appropriate blast media to use based on the material being blasted, the coatings, and the condition of the material. We are able to blast these delicate parts with excellent results due to our 4 1/2 years of experience specializing in coatings removal. This is not just point and shoot like heavy sandblasting. See our gallery for examples.

Glass Bead Blasting

Glass Bead Blasting is used to remove/clean foreign substances from the surface without removing base material or causing a dimensional change to the surface. This makes this a great method for cleaning engine parts as you do not want to remove material on mating surfaces where gaskets are used.Glass bead works great for cleaning/deburring and gives the appearance of a slightly polished finish on aluminum engine parts or anything else. See our gallery for examples.

Ceramic Header Coating

Ceramic Header Coating is a durable, heat resistant coating used for various parts to add a new and polished look. This coating protects parts from high temperatures often found with performance engine components. We most often use ceramic header coatings for factory exhaust manifolds and performance headers. Click here for more info and pictures.

Powder Coating

We at Blast Off Inc. are able to offer Powder Coating through our business partners. All items that are going to be powder coated have to be blasted first, so we are able to blast the items then pass them along to one of our Powder Coating shops to provide the coating services. They are in our shop to pick up the stuff we blast for them anyway! Over 6000 finishes available, one stop shopping for you.

Mobile Blasting

We are able to offer mobile blasting services on site. Our mobile blasting projects include, but are not limited to, boat bottoms, inground pools, graffitti removal, log home stripping, smoke/soot remediation, stripping paint from brick.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is the process of propelling Dry Ice(frozen carbon dioxide (CO2) ) from a specialized blast machine using the power of compressed air. This process is environmentally-friendly and contains no secondary contaminants such as solvents or grit media. The process of Dry Ice blasting allows most items to be cleaned in place without time-consuming dis-assembly and is approved for use in the food industry. It can be can be used to remove production residues, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils and biofilms. It is a non-abrasive, nonflammable and non-conductive cleaning method.

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August 2012

Rust Warning!

With the high temperatures in our area, we are at a high risk of red oxides (rust) forming on our iron-based items. With the smoldering temperatures and high humidity, these items are at a high risk of oxidizing and rusting VERY quickly! We can help you by stripping the current coating and red oxides off the item and recoating it with one of our products. Call us before it is unrepairable!

July 2012

Challenge Us!

The weather seems to have stabilized in the 80's and staying humid! We are always looking for new customers and new projects to tackle! We are asking our customers and friends out there to challenge us by trying to stump us with new projects! Do you have an item that you need the coating removed? Can you stump us? Call us to find out!