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Blast Off Inc. is a blast cleaning service company located in Buffalo NY serving many different industries primarily in the Western New York area. We provide shop services as well as on-site blast cleaning. Our approach to getting you the best results is using the appropriate blast media from the variety that we keep on hand.

Blast-Off, Inc. can blast the complete interior and exterior of your auto or truck restoration project without damaging or warping the surface. Blasting can strip paint up to 75% faster than sanding alone and will leave the surface of your product clean and rust free, ready to paint! Click here to read an article about sodablasting in Hotrod magazine.

We also have the ability to safely strip Fiberglass and other delicate materials. We can soda blast fiberglass boats to remove Anti-fouling bottom paint without harming the gelcoat finish beneath. Steel & Aluminum boats can be done as well.

Baking Soda Blasting has many applications such as:

  • Removing antifouling paint off of fiberglass boats
  • Removing paint from steel or aluminum bodied cars
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Removing paint off of brick without damage
  • Smoke and Fire restoration
  • Log Home paint Removal
  • Aircraft Paint Removal
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Highway line removal
  • Cast mold cleaning
  • Anilox roll cleaning
  • Inground swimming pools
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Architecture Cleaning and Restoration


August 2012

Rust Warning!

With the high temperatures in our area, we are at a high risk of red oxides (rust) forming on our iron-based items. With the smoldering temperatures and high humidity, these items are at a high risk of oxidizing and rusting VERY quickly! We can help you by stripping the current coating and red oxides off the item and recoating it with one of our products. Call us before it is unrepairable!

July 2012

Challenge Us!

The weather seems to have stabilized in the 80's and staying humid! We are always looking for new customers and new projects to tackle! We are asking our customers and friends out there to challenge us by trying to stump us with new projects! Do you have an item that you need the coating removed? Can you stump us? Call us to find out!