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Sandblasting & Painting Services

Blast Off, Inc., established in 2005, offers sandblasting and painting services for any size project. Conveniently located in the Town of Tonawanda, New York, we are proud to serve local industries, municipalities and contractors as well as automotive and marine enthusiasts.

We also offer mobile media blasting services for larger structural projects. Our friendly, professional staff is eager to answer your questions and offer a quote for your next project.

Blast Off, Inc. has trained professionals to offer blasting and painting services for commercial, industrial, architectural, automotive and mobile projects.


Blast Off, Inc. uses various methods, blast materials and coatings based on project needs.

Examples of these include:

Abrasive Media Blasting Coatings
Baking Soda Zinc
Garnet Polyurethane
Walnut Shell Epoxy
Plastic Bead Blasting Enamel
Glass Bead Blasting High temp coatings
Aluminum Oxide  
Steel Grit Shot Blast