Blast Off Inc. provides blast and paint services for heavy equipment, industrial, mobile and automotive projects. Click on the links below to learn more about these services.

Media Blasting

Blast Off Inc. offers media blasting services for a wide variety of clients including local industries, municipalities and contractors. The type of blast media used is carefully selected based on the project specifications, condition of the item, the type of substrate and the existing coatings. Some types of media we commonly use are: baking soda, aluminum oxide, crushed glass and glass bead.

The applications for media blasting are wide ranging. Blasting is an effective method for the removal of paint, powder coating, rust and contaminants from virtually any surface. This process leaves the surface clean and ready for coating. Media blasting is also beneficial for industrial projects in preparation for final coatings or to leave a clean uniform finish. We have multiple blast booths, blast cabinets and a tumbler to accommodate a variety of projects.

Click on the links below to learn more about the sectors we service.

Heavy Equipment – Industrial – Abrasive Blasting – Automotive


Blast Off Inc. offers industrial and heavy equipment painting services. We use only high quality products to ensure durability, longevity and excellent color matching. We use many types of coatings including, but not limited to: polyurethane, epoxy, enamel, zinc and high temp coatings.

Our paint areas are large enough to accommodate heavy construction equipment, farm equipment and trailers. Our shop has extensive painting experience for industrial projects including heat exchangers, skids, bases, and tanks. We also offer priming services for automotive projects to prevent rust on freshly blasted parts. A paint job done at Blast Off Inc. can be trusted to last.