What are the benefits of media blasting a restoration project?

Up to 80% of all coating failures can be directly attributed to inadequate surface preparation. When a surface is not properly prepared coatings do not adhere correctly. Media blasting cleans the surface leaving bare metal ready for coating.

Does the project need to come to Blast Off for service?

We do have mobile blasting and painting capabilities for projects like mold remediation, structural steel, and smoke and soot removal. Heavy equipment, industrial and automotive projects are done in shop. Our shop is structured to handle these projects in a timely, cost effective manner.

What size equipment or industrial items can you blast and paint?

Our facilities can accommodate a wide range of project sizes. Our blast and paint areas are large enough for heavy duty construction equipment, tanks, bases, and heat exchangers.

Is soda blasting the only media option at Blast Off Inc?

No. We use over a dozen types of media including: soda, crushed glass, glass bead, aluminum oxide, and walnut shells. The type of blast media used is carefully selected based on the project specifications, condition of the item, the type of substrate and the existing coatings. With ten years experience we have become quite knowledgeable regarding media selection.

Does soda blasting leave residue?

Soda blasting can leave a residue when not cleaned properly. We follow a two step process to prevent this. First, we soda blast the surface to remove all coatings including paint, primer and filler. Next, we lightly brush blast the surface to remove soda residue and remaining rust. This process is safe for even the most delicate surfaces like aluminum and sheet metal.

Does soda blasting remove rust?

No, soda blasting will not remove rust. To do this we lightly brush blast the surface with another type of media that is delicate enough for aluminum and sheet metal.

Is soda blasting safe for fiberglass and other composite materials?

Yes, in fact soda is the safest blast media to use. Soda blasting will remove all coatings without removing the gelcoat. This gives a uniform finish in a shorter amount of time.

Can you remove undercoating or bedliner?

Yes, the soda blasting process can safely remove almost any coating. without warping the surface.