Automotive restoration

Blast Off Inc. can blast the complete interior and exterior of your restoration project without damaging or warping the sheet metal. Blasting can strip paint up to 75% faster than sanding or chemical stripping, and will leave the vehicle’s surface clean and rust free. Aluminum, thin sheet metal, and fiberglass are among the delicate surfaces we can safely blast.

Although it is not necessary, we recommend that you remove windshields, trim, and molding in preparation for blasting. Rust or rot are often found hidden in crevices and the removal of these items allows for a more thorough cleaning. We have a rotisserie on site to blast the frame and underside of cars and trucks. Once, the blasting is completed we can coat the project in customer preferred primer. We regularly spray epoxy primers and self etching primers from all the major brands to protect the sheet metal before it can be worked on.

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