Blast Off Inc offers blasting and painting services for local industries. The blasting process is a crucial step to prepare items for final coatings. The durability and longevity of a coating depends on the coating application and the surface condition. We use several types of blast media including: crushed glass, glass bead, baking soda, aluminum oxide, and garnet. We can rough blast a surface so the coating will adhere effectively.

Our blasting services are often used after fabrication as well. We bead blast stainless steel and other alloys to prepare the surface for passivation or to give a uniform finish. Bead blasting is also used to remove marks from welding and grinding. With multiple blast booths, blast cabinets and a tumbler we are able to accommodate any size blasting project.

Blast Off Inc. has multiple paint areas to apply coatings. Painting services are available even if the project does not need to be media blasted. We use only industrial grade coatings to ensure longevity and durability. The coatings we use include, but not limited to: zinc, polyurethane, epoxy, enamel, and high temp coatings. We can work with any quantity, large or small, with a quick turn-around. 

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